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More additions to your Hurricane Spin Mop:
Tired of carrying that bucket around? Well, Viatek Consumer Products Group has developed a product that will make your spin mop EVEN easier to use! Coming this fall, the Hurricane Spin Mop will become mobile with a set of new wheels

Candle Sensations will be available in 3 different sizes and festive colors
Your favorite flameless candle will be available in 5", 7". 9" as well as two color options including cranberry and ivory. 

Easy Threader 
The Easy Threader is a hair removal product that gently glides across the skin and removes hair directly from the hair follicle; resulting in smoother, softer skin. 

Hair threading is an ancient method of removing hair commonly practiced in Eastern countries such as Egypt and India. However, hair threading has grown increasingly popular in the west and is a method utilizes by many high-end astheticians in salons today. Threading removes the entire hair follicle and lasts up to 6 weeks. 

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Pearl Hair Remover: Available to order:
The suspected release date for the Pearl Hair Remover is September 1st and is available for exclusive pre-order at:

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Viatek Consumer Products Group Awarded the IHA Innovation Award, Finalist in Cleaning

Chicago, Illinois, Spring 2012- Earlier this year, Viatek Consumer Products Group created quite the buzz as they geared up to launch four new products at the International Home and Housewares Show. Amongst the impressive arsenal of products developed by Lou Lentine and the Viatek team was the Clean Spin 360 Duo Mop, a product recognized as a finalist for the IHA Innovation Award. 

Viatek's Clean Spin 360 was one of the 400 entries received and judged by a panel of industry experts, and housewares merchants from retailers such as Target, JCPenney, Sears, The Container Store, and Cook's Warehouse. "We are please to honor exhibitor's cutting-edge innovations. This is an important addition to the show that increases the visibility of these innovative new products and the companies behind them," said Phil Brandi, IHA president.

So what was the secret that landed the Clean Spin 360 as finalist for the coveted IHA Innovation AwardThe Clean Spin 360's innovative design and functionality! Designed with two interchangeable mop heads; one round with thousands of microfiber strands and one rectangular with a thick microfiber pad, the Clean Spin 360 traps dirt, dust, and liquids without dripping or spreading a mess. Floors are not only clean, but dry in half the time.

But that's only the half of it. This innovative design allows you to clean and dry the Clean Spin 360 on one simple step. When it's time to wring, simply place the 360 Duo in the Spin Bucket, pump the foot pedal and watch as it moves at over 1,000 RPMs. Centripetal force spins the mop head clean while transferring grit, grime, and the like into the water below. This ingenious design also eliminates the age-old question of what to do with the wet mop head when the job is done. Simply pop off the reusable microfiber ring or pad, toss in the was and never worry about dripping across your clean floors again!

Each year the International Home and Housewares show features thousands of exhibitors from 125 countries and over 60,00 total attendees.


3 Ways to Get MoreOut of Your Duo Spin Mop:

Let’s face it; cleaning is not the most exciting activity you can participate in.

It usually takes far too much time, lots of muscle, and a little whining from those who are given the daunting task.

But did you know, cleaning your home doesn’t have to be the horrible chore you once dreaded?

Introducing one of Viatek’s newest innovative products from LouLentine and the Viatek team: The Hurricane Spin Mop! This fantastic device cleans floors in, under, around, and through the house without the use of harsh detergents (in HALF the time).

With that being said, here are 3 Ways to Use Your Spin MopDuo:

To clean up muddy paw prints!

Of course you love your dog, but your beloved pet can get quite dirty after playing outside! Simply mop away muddy paw prints and fur in one swift motion! The highly absorbent material in the Spin Mop traps dirt, dust, or liquids in an instant.

To clean the dust in those hard-to-reach places!

Use your spin mop to clean under tables, under furniture, behind doors, or under the bed. The unique design of the spin mop allows you to tackle any cleaning project with ease.

To clean your summer home!

Keep the Spin Mop handy for a stress free vacation at your summer home (or boat)!  Spills or excess water from the pool or lake can be swept away easily with the Spin Mop Duo! 

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Viatek Launches Power Spin 360

Chattanooga, Tennessee, Spring 2012-Going green no longer means harder to clean! Viatek’s new Clean Spin 360 Duo Mop cleans floors in, under, around and through your house without harsh detergents. The unique design reaches under tables, behind toilets, in closet corners and around cabinets with ease.


So what’s the secret? Two interchangeable mop heads: one round with thousands of microfiber strands, one rectangular with a thick microfiber pad. This highly absorbent material traps dirt, dust, and liquids without dripping or spreading the mess. Floors are clean and dry in half the time!


But that’s only the half of it. Clean and dry this mop in one step! When it’s time to wring, simply place the 360 Duo in the Spin Bucket, pump the foot pedal, and watch as it moves at over 1,000 RPMs. Centripetal force spins the mop head clean while transferring grit, grime, and the like into the water below. This ingenious design also eliminates the age-old question of what do with that wet mess of a mop head when the job is done. Simply pop off the reusable microfiber ring or pad, toss in the wash, and never worry about dripping across your clean floors again! It also work amazingly well as a dry sweeper and, with no disposable heads or pads to buy and replace, the Clean Spin 360 is truly revolutionary.


Instead of the old way, this is a new revolutionized 21st century method of cleaning.  “We want the consumer to know that they no longer have to choose between truly green and truly clean, its amazing.” says T.V personality and Viatek President Lou Lentine.  



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