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More additions to your Hurricane Spin Mop:
Tired of carrying that bucket around? Well, Viatek Consumer Products Group has developed a product that will make your spin mop EVEN easier to use! Coming this fall, the Hurricane Spin Mop will become mobile with a set of new wheels

Candle Sensations will be available in 3 different sizes and festive colors
Your favorite flameless candle will be available in 5", 7". 9" as well as two color options including cranberry and ivory. 

Easy Threader 
The Easy Threader is a hair removal product that gently glides across the skin and removes hair directly from the hair follicle; resulting in smoother, softer skin. 

Hair threading is an ancient method of removing hair commonly practiced in Eastern countries such as Egypt and India. However, hair threading has grown increasingly popular in the west and is a method utilizes by many high-end astheticians in salons today. Threading removes the entire hair follicle and lasts up to 6 weeks. 

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Pearl Hair Remover: Available to order:
The suspected release date for the Pearl Hair Remover is September 1st and is available for exclusive pre-order at:

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